The RHOA website is maintained by the Web committee webmaster. The Web committee is a collaborative effort between resident graphic designers, editors and writers. Substantive changes in philosophy, format or content of the website must be approved by the Board. The Web committee will review all material submitted to make sure it is politically correct, not objectionable, slanderous, contain personal information or is political or religious in nature. After review and concurrence by the Web committee, the material will be submitted to the Board for final release for Web publication. Minor punctuation, grammatical adjustments and edits of “day to day” content will be adjusted by the Web committee.

The purpose of the website is to provide information about Riverwind, the governance and activities thereof, to residents, prospective buyers, local real estate agents, and others interested in our community. It is our intent to keep the information accurate and make Riverwind management as transparent as possible. However, RHOA does not assume liability for accuracy of all information on the website or on provided links.

The RHOA website,, currently has space for 30 pages.
All pages will allow movement throughout the website from page links on the left side of the page.

Website pages and suggested content:
1. Home – an overview of the community
2. News
- Special Community announcements or Alerts (like water faults, testing etc.)
- Only Riverwind residents and/or property owners may submit announcements for the website.
- Those submitting announcements must be actively involved in the events.
- Activities should be community-oriented and not commercial, religious or political.
- Submitted announcements (about 20-30 words) must contain the sponsoring resident’s name and  phone number, the name of the activity, and the date.
- Announcements may run for a maximum of four weeks and will be dated with date of entry.
3. Calendars – schedule of current and ongoing community events
4. Governance Documents – Declaration of Covenants, Bylaws, Rules & Regulations, Board and Committees, and Committee Charters and/or Policies.
5. Riverwind Weather Data – links to local weather data
6. Photo Gallery – pictures sent in by residents and event photos
7. Contact Us – Board and Committee info with email linkage to us
8. Map and Directions
9. Amenities – an overview of amenities
10. Local Information – Links and Etowah Info
11. Gardening and Wildlife – place for documents and images for gardeners or local wildlife
12. Riverwind Pets – Place for residents to post info about their pets
13. Emergency Plan – for evacuation or disaster information
14. Social Club – Announcements and Community Events
15. Our History – Short description of the evolution of Riverwind
16. RHOA Policies - Rules and Regulations
17. Real Estate– - Real Estate is just RIVERWIND property and has a one-year time limit.
- The RHOA does not assume liability for accuracy of information in the ads.
General guidelines:
- Only RHOA residents and/or property owners may put information on the website.
- Properties may be for sale by owner or by a real estate agency or broker.
The resident/property owner’s name and phone number or email must be included for Web committee contact.
The MLS# may included in submission.
-All announcements should be emailed to the webmaster,
-Announcements should be in electronic format, such as a MS Word document,
-Those without access to a computer may submit an announcement in writing to
30 Riverwind Drive
Hendersonville, NC 28739
 -Due to space limitations, residents may be restricted in the number of announcements submitted
each month.
-The Web Committee has the right to refuse to publish any announcement not following the Web Policy guidelines.
-The RHOA does not assume liability for accuracy of information contained in the announcements.
18. Area Attractions – short descriptions and links to attraction websites

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