Governance Documents
The following documents are provided to residents and prospective residents as governance documents to review and refer to when considering an adjustment to their own property or other actions impacting community life.
-  Install a Peephole in your door
        -  Confirm identity of visitors before opening your door
        -  Ask service providers to show identification.
        -  Have door locks that work
        -  Install a security chain on your door
        -  Get a security bar (broom handle or dowel) for the inside track of your patio doors

If you hear someone around your house at night, push the alarm button on your car keys, call 911 and then call your neighbors.

        -  Leave lights on when you will be gone at night
        -  Install motion sensing outdoor lighting
        -  Keep your home entrance visible to your neighbors.
        -  Keep shrubbery pruned.
        -  Keep your house number visible so emergency vehicles can find you

        -  When you go on vacation, tell your neighbors.
        -  Give a trusted neighbor a key to your house.
        -  Give your neighbors phone numbers where you can be reached in an emergency.
        -  Don't hide house keys outside your home, burglars know where to look.
        -  Have someone mow your lawn & pick up your mail, so your house looks lived in.

        -  Report broken or burned out street lights
Community Watch Program
        Suggestions for Staying Safe in RIVERWIND