Gardening & Wildlife
  Gardening in our yards or watching the local wildlife provides great enjoyment to the residents of RIVERWIND.  Some yards show particular knowledge and skill as landscapers.  The wildlife is active all year long and quite varied.  Many residents feed the birds and other animals that surround the community.  
The 4th of July Activities
Are something we all enjoy
It’s the one day that’s set aside
For every adult, girl and boy

First we’re honoring our country
With the colors red, white and blue
Brilliant fireworks light the sky
That depicts our freedom pure and true

The entire day is set aside as well
For family and friends to meet
So much fun is had by everyone
That every year it’s a day we repeat

And the food is so delicious
Outside on the summer grill
Along with watermelon and salads
You eat till you get your fill

Flags are flown and waved
To show how proud we are
Of our country strong and beautiful
We have come so very far

So we listen to God Bless America
And we play games and eat all day
That’s why we love the 4th of July
It’s the true American way! 
July 4th Activities
By Marilyn Lott