Gardening & Wildlife
  Gardening in our yards or watching the local wildlife provides great enjoyment to the residents of RIVERWIND.  Some yards show particular knowledge and skill as landscapers.  The wildlife is active all year long and quite varied.  Many residents feed the birds and other animals that surround the community.  
The Reds, Yellows, Oranges and Browns of Autumn

Russet sunset overpowering coolness of the day
Showing herself in reds and yellows,
Streaking through October’s pumpkin patches

Straw scarecrows decorating autumn porches
With their stationary smiles and their googly eyes
Staring from fall displays of gourds and Indian corn

Banana bread and pumpkin bread smells
Wafting from the kitchen of the ones who care
About russet sunsets, the ones who decorate their porches

With the reds, yellows, oranges, and browns of autumn
Enhancing her in every way, celebrating the beginning of
Showing their playful sides, in the most melodic ways.

Squirrels with fluffy tails scurrying with walnuts,
Deer crunching through the leaf ground,
Autumn magic smiling her truth.